About Me

Inspired by my unconditional love for manga and art, Destiny Heart was born. I started creating my first mock-ups of the series back in 2018, all while subsequently creating a merchandise store featuring all my characters from the series as unique, manga-themed products.

And the best part of it all? It inspired me to be more creative and expand the Destiny Heart universe to the point of it becoming a 25-26 volume manga series. That number is still to be decided; maybe it will even be more.

Here at Molly's Manga Designs, you will find various themed products ranging from manga books, bookmarks, coloring books, framed prints, and even fridge magnets. Last but not least, mugs, because everyone needs a highlight piece to show off their morning brew in style.

All in all, I'm a devoted artist and designer who has been inspired by so many great manga books over the years that I've had the courage to create my own. Perhaps it will also inspire some of you reading this now the same way it did for me to create your own characters and worlds, to become authors, artists, or a combination of both.

I hope you'll all love these products as much as I love making them.

Have a great day!